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cashless campus

COVID-19 affected health, economy, and employment all over the world, but the world carries on and that is the beauty of it, but we have to make some changes in our approach towards certain things. One of the most important of them is money. Using money is essential and is needed in every field of life, and paper money is a big cause of the coronavirus spread.

Contactless Smart Cards

To counter this problem, we here at have brought you contactless smart cards for campuses. The card will store all your details that would include your name, your phone number, address, and blood group, etc. The contactless smart card will also contain the money in it. You need to fill the card with money initially and swipe the card at the checkout counter at your canteens, refreshment shops, or stationery shops.

The card is effective in all work and study environments that include schools, colleges, and offices. The contactless cards can not be only used for contactless payments but would also identify cards as they contain all your data. They can mark your presence in offices and in schools. The cards are ideal for campuses, and every person on the campus would get a card.


Contactless cards have many benefits. You would not have to stand in a queue in front of the canteen and wait for your turn, in fact, you can easily swipe the card and get your meal in time. Another con of having paper money is that it can be easily lost whereas if your card is lost you can call our helpline to block the card immediately and a replacement will be sent to you in no time. It is extremely safe and hygienic and with the COVID-19 virus around it will help you stay safe and away from the deadly virus as no contact is made from one hand to another.

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