Cashless Meal Management System


We, Dubai empower UAE companies to build a better technique in cafeteria dining with proper supply and installation of automated canteen management software for their staff canteen and cafeteria. A canteen management’s satisfaction and productivity depend on several primary concerns that need to handle with the greatest priority. cashless canteen meal management system is a solution that is designed for catering companies and businesses, required by today’s schools. The cashless canteen meal management system allows schools to provide their students and staff with a faster, efficient way to access meal services. The canteen operates terminals that have built-in card readers. By just placing their finger on the readers. The software recognizes the student and automatically deducts the value of the item from their account.

  • In the canteen food ordering and canteen management system, it defines meals in the system, such as – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Through this cashless canteen management system, employees /student use their cards to buy food.
  • The data is transferred to the backend engine and to the SQL database.
  • Catering reports for schools and campuses can view on the web portal.
  • This automated canteen management system is used to manage the lunch and meals of large organizational workforce to manage wastage and productivity.

Benefits For Students

  • Unified multi-purpose card, eliminates the need to carry multiple cards on the campus and the risk of card loss.
  • Save time by avoiding long queues.
  • Students can choose their meal preferences from the web portal.
  • Email/SMS alert for parents/guardians/students can be available on request.

Benefits For Campus Staff

  • By going cashless catering card, saves time and long queues.
  • Easy and quick access to the transactional reports through our cashless canteen inventory management system software
  • Card management and cashless policies get streamlined with every relevant information on the click of the mouse.