A unified stored value Smartcard based cashless solution for libraries, canteens, fees payment, events payment, paid essay writers buy research papers facility payments, transportation payments and all other financial transactions where Students use cashless Smartcard instead of physical cash.

Peace of mind for Students, Parents & Institutions

e-Campus, eliminates the need to handle physical cash, long queues thus, improving operational service levels and efficiency. And as an educational institution, you get upfront/advance cash once students/parents top-up the cashless Smartcards which helps you to enhance your monthly cash flow.

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e-Campus provides you limitless scalability & 100 % control from built-in

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card management features i.e. issuing of card, formatting, recharge, renewal, cancellation and all other administrative related activities. Administrative related activities such as top up, sales return, card blacklist, card replacement, generating reports, real-time monitoring, and student database. It provides access rights to appointed staff, central cash management and more.

Without Capital Investment, you can avail the entire Cashless Solution. We assure you 100% cashless infrastructure uptime and as well as SLA assurance.


Our experienced advisors are ready to help. They can answer any questions you may have; provide a quote for your Campus; or give a demonstration of our system. You can even arrange to see us in person; we’ll visit your Campus and show you and your staff how it all works.

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